• Time: 8:00 AM


    This event is sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association.


    Competition Age Eligibility:

    Competition age categories will be enforced according to the CFF Age Category Definitions.

    Y14 Athlete is under 15 years old
    Y12 Athlete is under 13 years old


    Entry Fee: $40 Per Event


    Competition Format:

    One round of pools with 100% promotion to direct elimination tableau.


    Competition Rules & Regulations:

    Canadian Fencing Federation rules apply for the competition.


    Division Category: 

    Y14 Events:

    Y14 Men’s Foil

    Y14 Women’s Foil

    Y14 Men’s Epee

    Y14 Women’s Epee 


    Y12 Events:

    Y12 Men’s Foil

    Y12 Women’s Foil

    Y12 Men’s Epee 

    Y12 Women’s Epee


    Event start time:

    Y12MF 8:30
    Y14MF 12:30
    Y12WF 8:30
    Y14WF 12:30
    Y12WE 12:30
    Y14WE 8:30
    Y12ME 1:30
    Y14ME 9:30


    Prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the winners, finalists and runners-up in all Main events.

    Dress Code: Canadian Fencing Federation competition clothing standards; Mask 350N or better, Jacket 350N or better, Pants 350N or better, and Plastron 350N or better.


    Online Registration Form: Here

    Waiver Form: Here

  • Date: June 4, 2017

    Venue: Toronto Fencing Club