Scouts Sports Day




    Scouts Sports Day is one of the events of 12th All Community Games held at Toronto Track & Centre, York University on Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 9:00am. This Scouts Sports Day is sponsored by Sing Fai Sports Club* - A registered non-profit organization since 1987.


    The goal of this event is to allow Scouts to build on existing friendships, teamwork and gaining real competition experience in a Track & Field tournament. Scouts will also be able to earn the physical fitness badge for their own scout programs.


    The Scouts Sports Day is open to all Scouts members and Scouters.


    For all (9) events: ($10.00 per person)

    1. 80m
    2. 300m
    3. Hurdles
    4. Javelin
    5. Discus
    6. Shot Put
    7. Broad Jump
    8. Triple Jump
    9. High Jump


    For 4 x 100m Relay events: ($10.00 per team)

    1. Youths (Co-ed Ages 26 or below) –
      • Relay team(s) per Section (Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts or Rover Scouts); or
      • One Mix relay team (maximum 2 Rover Scouts) per Scout Group
    1. Scouters (Ages 26+) – Males or Females or Mix


    All participants will recive a RJTW Certificate and a sovereign badge.


    Medals from ACG will be awarded to those winners at the Scouts Sports Day.


    An engraved big Shield trophy will be recorded the best performing Scout Group. This trophy will be kept by ACG.


    Scouts Sports Day is officially sanctioned by Athletics Ontario. Each Scout member may also participate with the ACG open Track & Field tournament @$10 per event. Scouts Groups can also participate with other ACG Sports tournaments by visiting the website of


    Volunteers are welcome for all ACG tournaments. You may apply through our website.


    *Organizer and founder of All Community Games and sponsor of 38 th Scout Group of
    Agincourt, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Toronto.


    Download Scouts Sports Day Information

    Registration for Individuals (paid by cheque to Sing Fai Sports Club)

    Registration for Relay Team (paid by cheque to Sing Fai Sports Club)