• Entry Fee

    • $400 (incl. HST) per team, including 2 free closing dinner tickets.


    Time: 8AM


    Trophies and Prizes

    • Trophies and awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams.
    • Awards will be presented to the MVP and Top Scorer.


    Rules and Regulations

    • Number of players limit per team is 20 players maximum (minimum is 12).
    • If fewer than 9 players are able to play at the starting time (when the referee calls start), it will be counted as an automatic 1-0 loss.
    • If the team forfeits the game, then all the games with the forfeited team will be changed to 1-0 win.
    • Any player receiving a red card will result in a $200 fine for his/her team. A suspension of 2-5 games (will be decided by the referees) will also apply to the offending player.
    • 2 yellow cards in same game is equal to a red card. The offending player will be suspended only or the next game (no fine).
    • Player with 2 yellow cards accumulated in different games will be suspended the next game only (no fine).
    • Any game that is rained out will have to be rescheduled by both team’s team leaders with their own arrangement.



    Preliminary Round

    • Preliminary Round games are 25 min halves with two referees.
    • Preliminary Round Points are; Win 3 points, Tie 1 point and Loss 0 point.
    • If there are 12 teams participating in the tournament, the teams are divided into 3 groups.
    • If the number of participating teams is less than 12, each team will play 3 preliminary games against randomly drawn opponents. The top 8 teams will go to the Tournament Round.
    • If the number of participating teams is an odd number, one randomly drawn team will play only 2 preliminary games with one automatic 1-0 win.
    • If the number of participating teams is 8, the tournament will be held in one day only on Saturday, June 11, 2016 and will be played in a "3 games guaranteed" format.


    Standings Tiebreakers

    • If the points is tied then teams who has the highest "Goal Difference" qualifies.
    • If the "Goal Difference" is tied then teams who has the highest "Goals For" qualifies.
    • If it still tied again then it will be decided by "Coin toss".


    Playoff Round

    • Top 2 teams from each group automatically go to the "Playoff Round".
    • There will be 2 Wild Card teams, which are the 7th place and the 8th place throughout the groups in terms of points.
    • Tournament Round will be 30min halves with 3 referees. If tied after 60 minutes, 5 minutes of Golden Goal extra time will be played. If still tied, there will be a penalty shootout.


    Full Tournament Information: Here

    Online Registration Form: Here

    Registration Form: Here

    Waiver Form: Here

  • Date: June 10-11, 2017

    Venue: Bill Crothers Secondary School