• Type of Meet: No Qualifying time standards

    Facility: 8 Lanes, 25 meter competition pool with Electronic Timing System and Scoreboard

    Warm Up: 2:00 PM

    Start : 2:50 PM

    Session: Session is estimated to last 4 hours


    Entry Fees: $11 per individual event. Swimmers can swim a maximum of 4 individual events.

                         $20 per relay event. Relay events must be registered by team coach.

                         Please do the payment online.

    Deck Entries: Deck entries are at the discretion of the clerk of course and only into existing heats.

    No new heats will be created. Deck Entries will charge $15 per individual event and $25 per relay event.

    Deadlines: The deadline for entries is May 19, 2017.

    Scratches: There is no refund for scratches and no show.

                        If there are any scratches, please notify the Meet Manager.

    Competition: All ages will swim together separated by gender with final results separated by the

    following age groups:

    Ø 8 & under

    Ø 9 - 10

    Ø 11 – 12

    Ø 13 - 14

    Ø 15 & Over


    All events are Timed Finals. 


    Seeding: Seeding will be from slowest to fastest.


    Awards: Awards will be distributed for the age groups 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over

    Medals from 1st to 3rd 


    Please see Tournament Information for full details

    Registration Form: Here

    Online Registration Form: Here

    Waiver Form: Here


  • Date: June 3, 2017

    Venue: Cornell Community Centre